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Goldsmith Financial Solutions offers all types of investors a confidential second opinion service, completely focused on providing you with the lifestyle you want. Through our consultative process, our clients receive a clear understanding of their current financial position – provided with advice and unbiased recommendations to achieve what is most important to them and their lifestyle.

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Goldsmith Financial Solutions

Independent Financial Solutions for Independent Minds

Through our impartial second opinion service, we look to review five key areas to ensure that you are wealth efficient:

  • Diversification
  • Risk
  • Cost
  • Tax efficiency
  • Performance

We work hard to uncover unwanted investment fees and taxes, and identify investment strategies (or particular stocks) that might threaten your financial well-being and long term financial security.

Our aim is to offer you peace of mind and financial efficiency.

The Goldsmith team has saved our clients from a few thousand, to tens of thousands of pounds a year, and helped them become more financially efficient. So the question is … How much could we save you?

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